The Special Bond That Kids Share With Dogs

Here is a heartwarming example of the special bond that kids share with dogs, our four-legged best friends. There is no question that our dogs become an indivisible part of our family! In the case of children, the bond is even more special.

Undoubtfully, they go alongside one another through life, and I personally find that any kid that grows up with a dog has a tremendous bonus for his or her development. It is simply so, as they develop, grow and learn together.

This adorable video of a little boy and the family dog has been doing the rounds on social media recently and we can certainly see why.

The video shows the boy and his dog going about their morning routine together.

Sleeping side-by-side in their super chic onesies, they wake up and roll out of bed together.

Before heading downstairs to make their morning coffees and enjoying them together.

Throughout the video, it is noticeable that this little boy adores his dog. He’s constantly glancing across at him and clearly enjoying the theatrics of the video making. The dog shows an incredible amount of restraint and natural talent as he conquers feats like sitting at a table and standing on his hind legs at the counter for extended periods of time.

Together, we think they make the perfect best friends.

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